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Durable Memory

Ignite Durable Memory

Apache Ignite memory-centric platform is based on the durable memory architecture that allows storing and processing data and indexes both in memory and on disk when the Ignite Persistent Store feature is enabled. The memory architecture helps achieve in-memory performance with durability of disk using all the available resources of the cluster.

A full overview of this feature is available in the Java documentation.


Durable Memory can be configured from C++ code using a Spring XML config file like the one shown below:

<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.IgniteConfiguration">

<!-- Redefining maximum memory size for the cluster node usage. -->  
<property name="dataStorageConfiguration">
  <bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.DataStorageConfiguration">
    <!-- Redefining the default region's settings -->
    <property name="defaultDataRegionConfiguration">
      <bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.DataRegionConfiguration">
        <property name="name" value="Default_Region"/>
        <!-- Setting the size of the default region to 4GB. -->
        <property name="maxSize" value="#{4L * 1024 * 1024 * 1024}"/>
<!-- The rest of the parameters. -->

For more details, refer to the memory configuration documentation.